Sunday, March 9, 2008


That's what I feel like.
Yesterday I was running around New York.
Today I will be running around.

Ok. Not really running.

No one runs in New York. Except for Marathoners and thieves.

Ok. Add potential terrorists to the list.

And I don't need to be shot or tackled to the ground by some over zealous NYPD.

Which does bring to mind: We were BOMBED.

Sure, it wasn't a BIG bomb, but a bomb nonetheless. Someone bomb the recruiting station in Times Square at the wee hours of the morning this week.

And they don't know who did it.

Someone rode up on a bike, dropped off a bomb, left in the heart of the busiest city of the world and the Police and FBI have no idea who the person is.

So much for the department of Homeland Security...


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