Tuesday, April 14, 2009


I have cracked the egg. well, proverbial egg.

I finaly figured out how to blog with my phone. This website isn't as compatable with my phone as I would like.

Now keep in mind...i'm doing this on my phone so typos WILL abound.

It's been a while, hasn't it? yep.

the show went we'll, but it certainly made me reaize how hard this business is. it is tremendously difficult. harder than one would think. and it's all so intangible...there's no clear path other than keep doing it. keep running into the wal over and over agin.

and while I'm not old, it gets harder to do this as I'm getting older.

But still, I'm not sure what else to do.

so what else? I got a new show coming up...a clown show! I'll be in it. two nights only!

more details to come!

now, i'm gonna go buy some pens.

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grump said...

This business is hard!

I'm getting married on a stage in a theater. We met with the tech director. Oh how the days of U-High came rushing back to me!

The tech director was surprised I could keep up with him and most of the jargon. I just laughed and told my folks all those years doing theater at U-High weren't a waste after all!

Our wedding has literally become a production complete with starry night Gobos, sets, props and costumes. We're having a tech rehearsal before the actual rehearsal.

Do you want to direct my wedding? LOL