Friday, February 29, 2008

Now if only...

I'm back in New York. Working at home. Frantically trying to get pages done for a screenplay I'm working on with a friend of mine (I promise, Mozz, soon, very soon.)

And now I have to deal with the landlords.

First it's the bill. They keep adding this 15 dollar charge to our rent. I called, expecting to be on the phone for some time...but they picked up...the charge is removed.


Now, I have to get someone on the phone to talk about the lease renewal...grr.

The problem is I have to go through this computerized phone tree...and then endless cycles of the same quasi techno hold music.

In order to make things easier for them, maybe for us, we now have to deal with a computer long before we can deal with a human being. Something, though, gets lost in the equation for more efficiency.

I don't know...maybe it's...humanity?

Back to the phone tree.

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OjO said...

There's nothing automated about our rental. Our landlady sends us notices about her address change by snail mail - we've never seen her in person. She never even asked us to sign a lease and we're not worried about it. It's the cheapest, most non-committal rental I've had since undergrad in the 90s.